- A Synchronous P2P Collaboration Platform over JXTA -


Tomomi Kawashima and Prof. Jianhua Ma
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
Hosei University

Last update 2004/03/13

This document is for collaborative software developers to build shared applications. It is also used for the Project class taught by Prof. Ma at CIS of Hosei University. There may be some difficult parts to understand for students or those who are not good at Java programming because its is mainly for developers. If you have any questions and advices, or when you find bugs, please send an email to

‡T. What is TOMSCOP

TOMSCOP(Technology Of Multi-user Synchronous COllaboration Platform)
is a platform for collaboration tool adopted Peer-to-Peer architecture
that people who are in another place can do discussion and presentation.
It is implemented by JAVA and will be published open source. It use P2P
architecture and library offered by Project JXTA. It will be a attractive
system by adding collaboration tools which is implemented by tool developer
who can use fundamental functions(PeerRoom AdministrationAPeer-
Communication Support, ApplicationSpace Management, etc...) provided
by TOMSCOP. Tool developer can concentrace to develop a collaboration
tool using basic functions offered by TOMSCOP.

‡U. TOMSCOP Development Environment

Development environment

‡V. TOMSCOP Install & Run

Install & Run

‡W. How to use

How to use

‡X. Documents

The paper of TOMSCOP@PDFƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹iEnglish) In this canpas only
TOMSCOP PPT PPT file (In this canpas only)
About JXTA
TOMSCOP Development Procedure
Sample Shared Application

‡Y. The collaboration tool development project

1. RemoteTester
A tool to do test for network program.

2. JointDrawPad
A prototype is implemented in a current TOMSCOP.

3. SharedFolder
A prototype is implemented in a current TOMSCOP.
File sharing tool(WinMXAWinnyAnapsterAetc.)

4. SharedMusicPlayer

5. NetworkGame

Please develop a tool for tomscop freely.

‡Z. Useful links

TOMSCOP storage(In this canpas only)
Ma laboratory
Storage(In this canpas only)
JXTA(Project JXTA Homepage)
Eclipse(Eclipse Homepage)
Sun microsystems

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