W. How to use TOMSCOP

Last update 2003/10/29

TOMSCOP menu bar

  • Exit(Shutdown TOMSCOP)

  • Oper(O)
  • Create(Creating room)
  • Join(Joinning room)
  • Leave(Leaving room)
  • Reflesh Tree(Refleshing tree)

  • Mode(M)
  • Presentation mode
  • Discussion mode

  • Help(H)
  • Help
  • About

  • Pop up menu

  • Creating Room
  • Join & Leave Room
  • Reflreshing tree
  • Appoint presenter peer
  • Send instant message

  • Community chat

    Chat panel at under the TOMSCOP
    Chat room for all peer launching TOMSCOP

    Room chat

    Chat room for belonging same room member
    A peer who belong another room can not send/receive messages for the room.

    Collaboration mode

    There are two modes at TOMSCOP to do collaboration smoothly
  • Discussion Mode

  • All peer in the same room can share Shared Applications
    A peer's action send all peer in the same room.
    We can do discussion using this mode.

  • Presentation Mode

  • There are three kinds of roles for peers in Presentation Mode
  • Chair Peer( A peer who selected presentation mode at TOMSCOP menu bar will become. Chair Peer can appoint Presenter Peer )

  • Presenter Peer( A peer who appointed by Chair Peer will become. This peer can occupy Shared Applications and do presentation)

  • Observer Peer( Peers who is not Chair and Presenter will become. This peer can use Shared Applications but these actions are not send)

  • Shared applications

    Peers in the same room can share each shared applications(collaboration)
    A peer who do not belong a room can also use shared applications but can not share them.

    Shared browser
    At discussion mode
    Peers who is selecting share button can share URL each other.

    Joint draw pad
    At discussion mode
    The figure that a peer who belongs the same room draw will show.

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