What's Roboministrator

Roboministrator(Robot Administrator) is an application to manage and communicate robots and sensors each other

The theme of development

In general, a smart space is defined like that embedded sensors in the space communicate each other and provide useful services to human beeing. The space is one of the researchs in the ubiquitous computing.

In the future, home robots will become widespread. Then in a smart space, there are some special issues. How to management sensors and robots. How to communicate sensors and robots. What can be done with sensors and robots. Our main motivation to develop the Roboministrator is based on such questions. Therefore the Roboministrator treats a smart room mainly.

Main functions

I. Management of robots (Registration, Deletion, Connection, Disconnection)
II. Control of robots (Movement, Camera view)
III. Getting sensors' value over the network

Reseachers can develop new services for a smart room using these functions.