Launching Roboministrator

Please double click the file "Roboministrator.jar" in the folder "Roboministrator"

Ready for robots

Please do wireless LAN setting and launch a robot "NetTansor" using its official manual.

Connect robots

Please input a name and IP address of your NetTansor with registration button. After communication test, your NetTansor is added as a leaf of a tree in the Roboministrator GUI. Please select the NetTansor and try to push connection button. If a camera view of the NetTansor is displayed, making a connection is completed successfully.

Ready for sensors (Local PC)

After installing phidgets driver, please connect phidgets sensors to your PC using USB cable.

Ready for sensors (Remote PC)

At first, please install phidgets driver to the remote PC. After installing, please launch the program "Phidget21Manager.exe" in the installed folder. Please confirm that your phidgets sensors are cognized in the main panel of Phidget21Manager.exe. Next, please do basic setting (Port Number, Authentication, etc.) and start a service of Phidget21Manager.

Connect sensors

Please push new connection button at a phidget sensor area in a NetTansor tab. Input information to displayed wizard.